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Val Cleaning Salt off Gracy

Washing and cleaning Gracie. Only took two days



Own Video: 





I got some old Xerox cleaning solvent that will take the smile off a clown.

It was great photo on the salt flats, but something tells me it wasn't worth it.

Only took two days? And I can see why! Val is doing the job by her own and you are just watching!!! LOL

Hey,if I had it to do again I wouldn't. But it was great at the time. And what do I know about salt, I'm just a fat old lady Smiley-laughing

Yeah?? Well you missed a spot!!! LOL.

I don't' wash other people's bikes. I do let them use all my stuff to get the job done. Two days with a pressure washer and tasting her bike. lesson learned.

Is Pat related? You have the same ass!!! Stop licking Valerie's bike

She won't let me lick her.. HELL NO Pat is not related were just too damn old to have any ass left.

Love you Wayne. Your amazing

I don't think Salt Flats riding will be on the 'Bucket List' any more ...
Cheers & Ride Safe ... (Not Salty) Smiley-laughing

Just ride up to them and walk. They are really cool

you need a Karate Kid to help you ... wax on wax off!

You watch to many movies Peter! LOL

You know the old saying Val. If you want the job done properly, do it yourself. Smiley-wink

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