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Very Short Video

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A short ride to the Pines at Bilpin last Sunday. A cool but nice ride with fellow cc'ers.



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Nice gathering

One nice line up (the bikes that is) the other line up looked like a some hooligans that might be up to something, LOL

Coffee friends and a ride. Life is good !!

Was a great day for a ride, weather was perfect, and the company even better.

Steve I thought you were taller.. You looked taller here. Glad you all had fun

Wayne when he's standing next to giants he looks small. LOL.

In his blue jacket I thought you guys found PAPA smurf I STEVE

That blue jacket has done some miles.

I'll bet I have the same style blue jacket. It has been on all the bikes I have owned the last 45 years. it is getting a little tattered..

Nice little vid Terry. Wonderful clean polished bikes, my GOODNESS... not one spot to see! And? Where was the lunch?

Thanks guys.
The shop was near the end of the walk past the bikes Gert.
Bilpin is famous for its apples.,_New_South_Wales

We have a same kind of area Terry. (I’m nearly sure our area is a bit smaller). Fruit trees all over the place, specially nice to visit during springtime when everything is blooming... and now, when the fresh fruit is there!

Wayne your jacket has many miles left despite being a "little" tattered. My wife always wants to throw my clothes away when the get to looking that way. Of course now days they sell brand new clothes for big money made to look that way.

Great little vid and to the point Tezza.

Haha... I just bought brand new jeans with wholes all over the place Randy! I’m glad Simone doesn’t trow them away, but just washing my new jeans.... LOL

We were in New York City and walked by a store on Broadway selling beat up jeans for a fortune. You could of bought a hole bunch a good jeans in one piece.

Gert you should not be washing “air holes”. Waste is water and suds

It was a nice day.
Wayne, I was taller up there because the air is thinner. Bring elevated shoes when you come down!

Gert, next time you want holly jeans just ask I have plenty for you. I have been in fashion for years now and I just watched a shirt commercial that says you can wear you shirts untucked. I am way ahead of these guys I never have tucked my shirts in. I have holly jeans and don't tuck my shirts in for the last 50 years.
Steve, I will bring my cowboy boots and Stetson cowboy hat these will give me some height .

And add to that the tattoos that were done for rebellion and to look different are now so common place that people like me with none, who tuck in their shirt, and don't wear holely clothes are abnormal.

Wayne, just no chaps. Aussies don't wear chaps!

How come Steve?

You only tuck in your shirt when you need to be formal.

It's a Brokeback mountain type of thing.

NO easy access RIGHT STEVE....
Capt; the only time I ever tuked a shirt in was my wedding. Then after the I doo's, We started to roller skating 150 people on roller skates and lots of beer and booze and food.. That was 1972

Now That's what I call a wedding reception. I like it !!

Way to put a short video together

Hope you guys had a Great Ride ... The Line Up Looked Good too ....
Cheers & Ride SAfe ....

Ah....videos isn’t a place I frequent often. I should look at them more.
Great video Tezza. And an unusual sighting of me. Lol.

Good to see you join us Al.

Lol Tezza. I didn’t want to become the Phantom Mk II.

Two skull caves would be strange. Smiley-wink

...and I don’t own a dog.

Or a horse.


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