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Visiting my parents in law, a ride to the north of Holland.

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Nice ride. The big round things in the middle of the street What are they?
I just gotta find a way to get over there and see your country, Its always so green!!!

That are also some kind of speed bumps Val!!! OMG... We have so many of them!!! Wait a few years and I guarantee you we even have them on the highway!!!! LOL

It's always so beautiful over there. Nice town.

Nice ride Gert. It very beautiful there. Some day I'll have to get over there

Yes I miss the country, everyone we have met were very friendly. Just too bad we didn't know Gert when we were there (both times).
Keep the videos coming Gert. Did you have the better half with you on the bike?

No she took her car and the dog. For me it was a nice ride with my bike and it doesn’t fit on the bike taking our dog with us. To be honest, I rather go by myself on my bike, I don’t like it to have a pillion rider. I only took my brother for a few times as a pillion rider to bring him to the biker store to get his bike. I’m not used to it and I don’t like it.

Oh I wife loved riding with me when I have my cruiser and you get used to it after awhile. Even on my adventure bike we would go for a day ride. She didn't want her own bike and she was just as hsppy sitting back there enjoying the ride......besides she bought lunch when she came.......

I'm like Gert I never ride two up. One the wife Won't even set on the bike parked. I'll never have to take her any place on the back. It's more fun riding with out some one on the back trying to get you to stop for some thing. At least for me..Rid safe and often everyone

Wow nice scenery and weather Gert. Good to see you testing out the new bike and the filming was smooth .Been looking for you on Skype but cant catch you. Four weeks till we fly and its obvious we dont need to bring the sunshine you seem to have plenty

I’m very often on Skype Dennis! Yes, the button is most of the yellow, but just try, I’m very often there! I’m not that often on FB, simply because I don’t like FB for many reasons... I’m still here on CC, watching at least once a day.

ok will try somehow you dont show up as on

Glad we had Skype! Now I finally know the date you’ll arrive in Holland....

Another nice scenic ride Gert. Most enjoyable.

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