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Quick video..... my first lol


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Nice bike. too bad we gotta get them dirty in order to enjoy them

Absolutely mate, but i kinda enjoy the cleanin too - i'm wierd like that Smiley-laughing

Nice bike mate!!

Cheers Bill Smiley-laughing

Looking GREAT Ant.. Don't worry about the bugs just ride. Have fun and be safe.

Ant. That's what they make soap and water for. Enjoy your rides and be safe

The Netherlands is not that far, there is just that water in between. Very nice looking bike and I’m curious about Wales so don’t wait to long and show us some of it!

I thought water was for coffee? Biggrin

True Gert, Netherlands not that far and a pretty place from wot i saw on ur video

Ant, I thought most English people drink more often tea instead of coffee with lots and lots of milk?! LOL

Yes, watch my older vids and you’ll see some great spots from Holland. A small, but beautifull country.

Lol yes most english people do but as i am Welsh.... Smiley-wink lol i go thru phases - sometimes drink just tea ithers just coffee....... then theres the Jack Daniels Biggrin

Ahhh !!! the Good Old Black JACK !!! Nice Drop - to be savoured After a Good Ride for sure ... No arguments here on that score .... Getting Bugs Splattered on the front of your bike is a sign of a good ride Smiley-laughing
I always grin to my self when I clean the little fokkers off - thinking to myself - 'Well you little fokkers didn't stop me and you won't be doing that again will ya now' ... Smiley-laughing
Yeah, I know I'm bent, but at my age I'm allowed to be ...
Very Fine looking bike you got yourself there Ant - I hope the Novelty Never Wears Off .....
Enjoy your Beastie to the Max ....
Ride Safe - Cheers from Down Under .....

I certainly enjoyin her to the max..... just git back from South Wales - a 250mile round trip!..... a few splatter bugs a one one pheasant!. Bugs did no damage but pheasants hit at 80mph break the right hand lower leg fairing - seriously annoyed by that but also grateful because it could have ended far worse!.

Hope u are all riding safe.

I hate the dang birds. Friend of mine got hit by a duck and broke the windshield in two she did very good by not crashing. Now you get to repair the lower faring. That is no fun repairing stuff it takes time from riding.. good you are safe..

Certainly takin the time out if riding but it will be an easy fix - the fairing broke into about 30 pieces so i will have to buy a complete new one. Expensive but just a few bolts on and off Beee

Hey Ant - you need a 17" Truck Air Horn like I have fitted to my VN900 - that thing will blow the feathers off of a Pheasant - it almost skins the roo's down here ..... Very Handy indeed ...
Cheers & Ride Safe ....

Lol Frostbite, it would probably scare me to death too!! Will look inti that

Beautiful Voyager Ant. Looks like showroom quality.

Cheers Tezza, she got a coiple of scuffs here n there but generally is perfect..... only done 9k miles wen i got her too which i thought was really low for a tourer with 5 previous owners!!.... especially as i have done 1k in the 3wks i had her lol

Just watch ur video too Tezza...... where u get the cruisers tee from- i want i want !! Smiley-laughing

Great looking Voyager Ant. The Vulcan's are a very nice bike. A bugger about the bird stike, unfortunately it will cost plenty but at least you didn't come off.

I've had so many near misses with the feathered friends I've lost count. Only once did one hit my bark buster on the Tiger Explorer, it would've broke my hand if I hadn't had them fitted it was a big bird too.

True Spad it could have been alot worse to be fair. I should if known better than to think the pheasant would keep runnin off the road in the sane direction! It was confused then spun around and tried to fly away..... the voyager put an end to that flight!.
Ride safe buddy

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