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Some still shots from Saturday, October 6, 2018.


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4 x VTX's! Be still, my beating heart!

Interesting transitions Looks like a great day

Sure looks like a load of FUN.. I like the RED on and the flames very nice.. Just wish I was riding now but fixing my 32ft trailer.

Excellent !!!
Ride Safe ...


Way cool Topgun! Thinking of doing something with lights on mine too.

Nice presentation of cool bikes.

Tim, installing lights will be a simple task. Use your imagination and you will amaze yourself with the extra pizazz that they will bring to your Intruder.

Thanks Terry, that was a special get together for sure. I have known Marcus, (Red VTX1800C) since preschool. He was the first kid on the block to get a stripped down Yamaha 80 and I learned to ride on it well over 50 years ago.

HOW DO YOU keep that bike so shinny? DAM you been riding as long as me.. I had a step through Honda 50 way back when. WE are Old,,, Well maybe.. Still riding and having fun..

Yeah Wayne, a half century of motorcycle experience for both of us. My wife's grandfather bought a white step through Honda 50 for she and her brother and sister to share riding around on the farm back in the 60's. I remember seeing the little Honda 50 R.I.P. in the barn soon after I started dating Bonita in 1979.

Have a great fall riding as long as you can. It's going to be in the 70's this weekend so I'm off riding my new Guzzi.. That little Honda was more fun that most any other bike. Well untill I got the Stratoliners or the KZ 1000. Any way have a geat time Say HI to Bonita

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