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Vulcan VN900C Metamorphosis

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Finally have my VN900C Repainted after the mods and loving its NEW LOOK .... Smiley-laughing
Cheers - Ride Safe -
Greg (frostbite)


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WOW!!! What a big change. You have some very good skills. You changed the whole look of it and it LOOKS GREAT.. Even a show stopper I think.. She is beautiful for sure.. Nice work

Greg looks bloody great. Looks more old skool now, I like it. 10/10.

Did you respray it yourself if so very nice work.

Lots of changes. Really looks good. That's more work than I'm willing to do. Job well done Greg

Hi Spratty - Yeah it is all done by my hands - It is good to have 2 trades - 15yrs in Automotive Panel Shop Spraypainting and then done a Mechanic's course at TAFE College - Certificates with IAME and MVRIC Tradesman Motorcycle Mechanic - for many years and then working for Dept of Defence ARMY Base at Bandiana Victoria 4 Base Workshops, rebuilding the M113 Carriers and then on to 'A' Vehicles doing the Land Rovers & Unimogs ...
I sort of know my way around the Workshops a bit .... Smiley-laughing
I love doing the bikes - especially my own - but it was always good to see a customers face when they came to pick up their bikes after things were done on them ... I really miss those days - Great Job Satisfaction !!!
Cheers Mate - I am really happy with the result ... (as if you couldn't tell)
Ride Safe ...

Wow!! That looks like a whole different bike now. Good work Greg!!

Greg I thought so the paint job looks Pro. I'm not too bad with a rattle can, but the clear coat is whole other story.

I wouldn't attempt a respray on bike panels as I know the finished result would disapoint me, I admire a really good paint finish.

One trick is to make sure there is sufficent coatings let it dry a good 24 hrs and a good scuff back with 2000grit W&D paper (Super Fine) and then cut & polish it - all the paint bits came out like a sheet of glass - supersmooth and polished up to a salubrious finish ..... Super salubrious in fact .... Smiley-laughing
synonyms: pleasant, agreeable, nice, select, upmarket, high-class, leafy, fashionable, expensive, luxurious, grand, fancy;
cheers ...

Excellent work Greg.

Yes it is truly BAD TO THE BONE meaning the COOL and all of the other adjectives you used. If I didn't see the pics and the process I'd never know it was the same bike. Definitely not another like it.

It is great fun - although a bit challenging at times - to be able to do these sorts of mods by ones self, but very rewarding at the end and Thank You to ALL who like the New Look VN900C - I do like to have One Off's - and nice to know it is appreciated -
Had a Great ride yesterday around the hills here, had lunch at Jindabyne and then onto Dalgety Pub for a chat with a couple of guys out for a ride - one on a 2003 Dynaglide, a 200? Dyna Fatbob and an Indian Scout .... and there were other bikes cruising around the hills too - One guy was from Canberra, One from just out of Queanbeyan and the other one from Jindy ... and there was an older guy riding a Ducati 1098 I think it was - very rattley clutch but sounded real nice exhaust note under accelleration ... He has another Ducati hanging up in the loft, inside his house in Jindabyne .... BIG Ducati Rally in Jindabyne very soon - - There will be Lots of Ducatis out down here that weekend - even talk of perhaps getting Troy Bayliss to come along for a chat -
Great day for a ride and More to come this week and the next 3 to 4 months till winter hits hard ...
Cheers ALL - Ride Safe ....

Excellent result Greg, I particularly like the new colour scheme with the new look, you need to look hard to recognise it as a VN 900

What a wonderful result Greg! You nearly changed all the looks from your bike and made your own, I mean... what a work and all done by yourself, even the painting and it looks great! Beautiful matching colors and nobody will have the same and that’s what I like about bikes... great result, now it’s time to go for your rides to show your bike to the world and to enjoy the feeling of freedom riding around!!!

Absolutely love it!
Are the bags quick release?

I could have messed around doing that but just the 2 bolts from inside the bags and then just replace with the original ones (in the bags for such a purpose) - and good to go ... takes each bag & support bracket off .. Only takes a few minutes to do - but not quick release to carry bags into hotel - no ... Mostly just gear in the bags - Spare fuses, plugs, drive belt, tyre puncture repair kit and co2 bottles and rim protectors and tyre spoons, duct tape, insulation tape, wet weather rain suit 2 piece ... Small bottle of water, and half a bog roll (just in case) ... and half a dozen Occy straps (stretchy straps, bungy straps, tie downs) and anything else one might need - or usually what others might need if they don't happen to carry them ...
You can't help but notice I sorta travel half prepared all the time - it is NO Good wishing you had the bags on and they are sitting at home and you are sitting out on the road to no-where with a flat tyre .. Takes the sting out of your day .... and seeing as I have had Belt failures on my '86 Dresser I am prepared for that if it should happen ....
Can't half tell I am a retired mechanic can you Smiley-laughing
Cheers & Ride Safe ....

Excellent job Greg ... well done. You've made it unique and your own! That's what customising is all about. Love the phat rear fender..

At least you will know it is me when you see the bike Smiley-laughing

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