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Waiting on a friend....

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It won't be long, then BOOM he's there, lol

But who is Don Quixote and who is Sancho?

Where did he go? Very nice day for a ride. I thought the bike guys were going to run you down. The smoke signals must have saved you from a horrible fate. Run down by bicycle

I polished Red yesterday and started to pack my bags. That means... I tried to figure out what I want -, what I need- and what I can take with me on the ride to Sweden, only using my bags. Do I need this, do I really want that? And, it depends on the weather and although the technology and knowledge is that far, they still can't give a weather repord for over two weeks! So... I'm busy my way. See you soon!!!

Load everything and then take 1/2 if it off. I have found I only need rain gear, good gloves, three days of clothes. I don't have a lot of electric stuff. I just layer up. I load my duffle bag and the saddle bags with only the things I really need. I am good for about a week or two. OH YA bring $$$$$. Ride safe and have a lot of fun the two of you. I hope you don't have to ride in the snow like I did...OH!! hope I just didn't jinkes you. HAVE FUN Gert

Thanks Wayne! There will be no snow! That's nearly sure. But it can be rainy and windy, we don't know that this far before I go... Thanks for the advise, and.... I'm nearly sure Marek has a washing machine so I don't have to take too much with me!

Thanks Wayne!

Wayne... I´m sure we two WILL have fan... But we also hope Randy will too.. Hope we don´t scare him too much... LOL

I'll not scare Randy, that's for sure... but I'm not sure about you! Smiley-winkSmiley-laughing

If I could, I would pack up yesterday's weather and send it to you. Not to hot, not to cool. Blue skies and a light breeze every now and then. I hope you will have an amazingly great time.

The friendship you guys have made off this site is so cool.

We got the weather now Edwin. Thanks for sending it our way. We'll try to send it up the North Atlantic and over to them. I know Voodoo Bill will help.

I can't wait to see the photos and vids of you guys together.

Hey Gert and Marek, if Wayne and Phil didn't scare me off, I doubt there is much that you can do that can scare me. Off to my Krav Maga lesson. Now that is who scares me, Joey can kick my butt up one side and down the other if he wanted to. Some "year" I will get even as I slowly learn.
PS. thanks Marek for painting the house yellow. I can blend right in and no one will know I'm there.

I asked Marek to put one chair infront of the white wall instead of the yellow one... that's your chair so you'll be visable sitting outside!

Yes I'd hate for you two to start talking about me thinking I'm not there. LOL Although, my yellow is NOT total yellow, it has black mixed in with it and I don't see any black on Marek's house. He needs to have the trim painted black instead of white, then I could really blend in.

Watch out he is the bug catcher with that Yellow jacket.

OK...This video was only a test ...
What I really wanted to do.. is my latest vid... I put this one just because I have NO freaking patience.. And ruin my video ideas.. LOL
Anyway... I hope You like the final "product"...(meaning latest video).... I`ve got to wait for "the actors" for several weeks... LOL

Only a test???????? Wow

This one was...

Back home in about 12 days, just arrived for a little holiday in Spain!

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