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Waiting for my friend...

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You have friends?? LOL.

Great to have someone lick you when you get home
Smiley hugging his loyal puppy

Val ya I wished I could get some lickin too when I get home......but stupid me just had to get married.......hahaha
Val you left that door WIDE OPEN!

Gert when I first saw your title I thought you probably used "you've got a friend " song by James Taylor......but i was wrong....ya the more people I meet, the more I love my doggie.....

I think you really made a friend for life there.

Todd LOL......

Life is good with friends like that..

Yep, have 2 of them who do the same. One of these days, I need to get a recording of them howling the blues when Rochele or I leave. (five years ago)

You are lucky one Gert! You have a friend waiting for you and welcome you with a kiss... My so called "friend"
- "Dante the cat" waiting for me only for one reason; he wants me to open the door and let him in....
Not even a simple "thanks mate" afterwards...

Lovely riding video Gert. Although I'm puzzled with what you were doing in the park.

What about a smoke Terry?!

Ahh! I thought you were straining the spuds. Peeing

Well Terry. First I had to use Google translate because “straining the studs???”.... but now I know! Nooooo.... that’s not what I did... I just enjoyed the view, a smoke and a few seconds without the sun on my helmet and leather jacket... LOL

I thought I had a few Bill?! Am I wrong??? LOL

Marek maybe you could start to give him some food or something he realy likes to eat so now and than... you never know, it good help?! LOL

The weather looked good. Nice ride. There's nothing wrong friends like that Gert

Thanks for the Ride my friend! Smiley-laughing
Yeah, we sure know the feel comin` home again! Great welcome even if away for only ten minutes! Lol
Sisu may be outside in a chain sometimes and he is Hooowling ! Should try to get that on "tape" !
Your new bike looks good I must say! Good on you ! Smiley-laughing

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