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Waiting to visit a friend...

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What day are ya leaving?

I would have been GONE by now. Just GO and have more fun than you can stand..

Wayne, I had to book tickets for the ferry, and Marek had to get free from work, so the days are planned... what's another week or so waiting... we are waiting almost a year already to meet again!

How'd they get that horse to stand so still???

Ohhhh shit! I forgot to ask Val!!!

Maybe he's afraid of heights and wont move.

Enjoy guys. Wish I could be there with yous.

what's with the horse's on a stick? Where are the real ones like we have around here? I suspect it costs a major fortune to be able to have a horse over there with land being a premium price.
If I had won a lottery, I'd bring 3 horses along on the visit. That we could see which is preferred horses or bikes. If I had to choose, I think the horse would win out. It can go places that even dirt bikes can't. And it would still be transportation when the apocalypse comes. There will be no electricity to pump the gas.

Then you haven't seen Mad Max Randy!! LOL. GO ALREADY GERT!!!!

You are right Randy, for most of the people living in a house like I do it costs a fortune to have a horse. There are special kind of farms you can rent a stable. It depends on where it is but starting prices are around 500,- E a month and you can duoble the price of its including food etc, etc... those kind of farms make their living out of it. Sure, we do have horses here, lots of them. Lots of farmers who have the place and land own them and also people who have the money to spend on a bigger property or even some "normal" people like we are who want (and can) effort to spend most of their money on owning a horse, but that amount of people isn't that big...

Maryland is considered horse country. Still if you board a horse is expensive. It eats, needs medical care and a black smith weather you use it or not.

When I was in my early 20's I worked at a horse breading ranch for what I will call a "organized group, I think you can put 2 and 2 together on that) and I was one of 3 people that were the ones only allowed to move the horses around including transporting them across north America. The real money was made in the breading fees and selling of these horses once they proved themselves. These horses were selling over $1m and the breading fees were average cost of $30,000 for a live foal. The $1500 boarding fees were nothing to these customers as the return these horses made were a very profitable investment. It was a great place to work I must say, and meeting some of the customers is something I will never forget.

I understand. As you might guess there here too. Also In VA. The ones I ever dealt with are grade Plugs. Nice trail horse and family pet.

Nice vid man. I have been catching up on the meet

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