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Walkaround Of My Scout

Watch on Vimeo

For you Dim.


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sweet...nice ride

Thanks Keith.

Still good looking ride..

Thanks Wayne.

Tezza you are meant to ride it, not walk around it. Very nice though.

Love it!!

Thanks guys.
This Sunday for another ride Cliffy.

You have it nicely 'Set Up' Terry - What is the handling like ? What size is that Front Tyre ? it looks Huge .... Plenty of rubber for cornering ? (and Braking too) ...
Ride Safe ...

Front is 130/90-16 72H and rear 150/80-16 71H.
It handles OK for this old fart. The major things on my wish list is a Mustang seat and suspension upgrade.
Other than that, it flys.

Just watch those fingers on the keyboard Tezza,

Yes Cliffy, I might hit the "purchase now" key. Smiley-laughing

Good Stuff Tezza .... It is all about getting out there and enjoying the hell out of it ... Smiley-laughing
Ride Safe ....

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