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Walkaround New Rear Fender & Air Horn

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Just a Short vid clip of the New Rear Fender & Air Horn Mods recently done - The Fender will be getting painted along with the rest of the bike in the new year after the electricity account due in Jan & Car registration due 9th Feb .... maybe by the 1st anniversary of my buying the VN900 on 5th April 2017 - I might have the New Painjob done by then ....  Whooo - Hooooo !!! 
Anyway the Mic on the vid camera has a foam filter over it to stop the wind noise from mobile vids so it is a little muffled - sorry - I may do a better clip if enough requests are made (maybe?) ....
Cheers & Ride Safe -
frostbite (Greg)


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That’s a great bike Greg. No problem with the sound of the vid, I could hear your voice loud and clear and I could even understand your English! LOL

The sound of the bike is great, not too loud but a nice deep sound. The horn sounds like the one I have, but they look a bit different.

I like the colorcombination, the bleu with chroom and black. I’m sure you’re having fun riding the bike... wish you many nice and safe rides!

Hi Gert - The mods I have done so far have all been fairly positive results - I am slowly getting the bike the way I want it - but it takes time and money - I have plenty of time being retired but not a lot of money because I am on a government disability pension and have been since 2001 and never thought I would ride again because of my back problems and after a 20 year break from riding I am rediscovering the delights of motorcycle riding again - I love it and honestly don't know how I managed to go the 20 years of not riding ...
It might only be a 903cc V-Twin engine but it rides very nicely and has moderate power for what it is ... I can manage to pay it off at $130 a month and only have a bit over 4 years left to pay it off ...
I am happy with the bike - I can afford it - and it gets me out and about, and that sure beats the hell out of sitting around getting 'cabin fever' - I have had enough of doing that for the previous 20 years ....
I am looking forward to doing the Springer Front mod in a few months if I can scrape up the money for it - The old '77 FLH Shovel that I had - I put a HD springer front end in it and I liked the way it handled and looked - a bike with a springer has a definite 'Stance' to it - whatever bike it is on - I have not seen one bike yet that I don't like that has a springer front end ... I like the way the front end reacts to braking and suspension - feels really different but positive - it did for me anyway - bike felt solid on the road/s - good or bad roads just got eaten up by the terrific suspension of the springer .... I guess I am a springer fan .... and I think the 900 would look good with one fitted and the ride would be improved for me - a more 'Plusher Ride' suspension wise - Not everybody's cup of tea but I love them ....
I had a good ride today and clocked up 197k's just riding around the block (One of my block rides anyway) ... had lunch at the legendary Nimmitabel Bakery and a nice flat white barista coffee on the way home .... a very nice cruise around the backroads and a bit of highway riding too averaging 90kph - to many Police cars on patrol for any high speed action today ... But a very nice relaxing ride .... and plenty more to come in the future ....
End of my Rambling - Cheers to you Gert -
Take care my friend - Ride Safe -
frostbite (Greg) ...

Looks and sounds great Greg. No problem hearing you and I'm hard of hearing. LOL.

Looking great. Too bad the horn isn't quick release mounted so one could use it as a club if needed. The springer mounted fork would definitely make it different.

Nice video. good sound. The bike looks good. Everyone should be able to hear you

I didn't make it a Quick Release Horn - I got my Trick Annodised Blue Walking Stick for the THRASHING Department Smiley-laughing
I just need to attract the attention of the 79yr old women drivers - maybe they might think it is a truck and get out of my way or think twice before pulling in front of me - cutting me off .... I hope it works as good as it sounds ...
cheers to All - ride safe,
frostbite ...

Or the younger crowd who are looking at their cell phones.

frostbite ...

Great job all round Greg.

Looks good Greg .... love the sound of the horn

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