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Terry's new knees, update 2

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Gert I'll pack a big bottle of anti-gas pills when I come to visit. LOL

Gert, how are we supposed to watch the sound, lol

And you shaved your legs just for the video, amazing.

ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! I just knew it!!!!

Very hars Gert , ROTFLMAO !!!!!! As well . Poor tezza good thing he's got thick skin !!!!!!!!

Ha ha. Hey Gert. I'm good but not that good.


You must be a ventriloquist Gert .. you made those sounds without moving your lips!

I don't think it was his lips. But he is going to need clean pants.

That sound was always with Tezza!
The only difference at the moment is that he cant run away from the smell and blame someone else. Smiley-laughing

You got me there Steve.

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