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Waterproof winterhelmet, Month Contest Video

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I went for a ride after finishing this video to try my new helmet. It was only a few hours ride, because it's freezing cold as it's only about 3 degrees at the moment together with a damned fresh wind from the north east, from Russia... But I think the ride was long enough to give my first opinion about this new helmet, a only € 130,= LS2. It sure is a lot of helmet for that price!!! Very comfortable and soft to wear. Nice space around your ears. Very clear view with the pin lock system and a proper ventilation. And what about the noise? Sure, maybe it will not be as good and silent as a 3 times more expensive Shoei or Schubert, but it isn't bad at all!!! Even when riding 120 on the highway I could still hear myself singing! NO REALLY, without joking... When you need a new helmet, it's worth to watch for this one to try... It sure is good enough for me!

See you and wish you all safe rides.


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Looks like a good helmet. I hope it works as you want it to. $140 is not bad for a helmet that works like you want.

That's almost identical to my helmet. I can tell you from experience, it will keep your head and face dry!!

The problem Gert is that I wish the dealer would allow you to test ride some helmets (try before you buy). As the cost of helmets regardless of price is usually expensive, so you want to make sure you have the right one. But that LS2 definetly looks right for the price. Wind noise is one of my biggest problems, even with the front shield. Hope that one works out for you.

Looking Good Gert ! Smiley-laughing
Hope it will satisfy your expectations !
Have Nice and Safe rides my friend ! Smiley-laughing

Good looking helmet. Looks safe. Has a good design to it as well. Hope it works like it's says it will

Good looking helmets. If you quite poring water on them they will stay dry. Glad you found a good fit for your head. Soft and comfortable is good.

I want to see the manual that says you must dump water on it to get it to shrink to your head size. Very strange, think I will pass on that brand of helmet.....LOL

No water on the new one???


Randy, here is a link:
They are even build in your favorite color! Smiley-wink

I have to say, I didn't suspect they could make a helmet in this quality for that price.

No, Marek.... But there will be water floating on my helmet within a few minutes when I have to visit the hospital and I will go by bike, despite the rain and temp as it's only about 3 degrees at the moment..... First time I will use my heated gloves!!!

That's true Ray. It would be much better if you could try a helmet before you buy it. Only by the looks and how it feels, even how it fits when you try it in a shop, it doesn't give you the answer how it functions while using it riding a bike....

It's a few weeks later now and I used my new helmet a few times. It is a very comfortable helmet, it fits like a rock and it's soft inside. The pinlock is great and gives a good view at any weather condition. Isn't there anything bad about this helmet with that low price compairing to other much more expensive helmets? Yes, there is... My shoei and Nitro helmets are both less noisy, specially on the highway. It's not irritating, but... It gives a little more wind noise... Still, it's a nice helmet and good enough for those few months I'll use it, mostly during winterseason... When you want a new helmet and not want to spend too much money, I would say... Try a LS2. It's a lot of helmet, for a very reasonable price!

Glad your pleased with it Gert. Thanks for the info. I'm looking for another helmet,(somewhat). Lol

You don't need one.... By law!!! It would feel very strange for me, to take my bike for a ride and not using a helmet....

Yes Gert it does feel strange to ride without a helmet. I have ridden the Rebel from the shed out to the street, several meters up the road and then into my driveway without the helmet. A very strange feeling it is. The mind is saying to fall over or it is going to hurt.

I like the wind to blow through my hair

And the bugs too, hey Allen. LOL.

Bill, absolutely

Gert ... a pair of made-to-measure silicone earplugs cost a hell of a lot less than the price difference between the LS2 and a Shoei Neotec modular helmet!! Good work!

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