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What I have been doing when it's to crudy to ride

Watch on Youtube

Tezza said I should do a vid of this. Once upon a time we had a contest about what we did when we werent ridding.
So here ya go Terry just for you. Dont mind the back of my head I couldnt get the camera in front of me
So here is a chalange just for fun. What have you guys been doing in the crappy weather? Do us a vid so we can share


Own Video: 


WOW aren't you just the little artist.. Very nice

I love the way you artists do a painting from smudges, lines etc. I was intrigued with what the finished canvas would look like and I must say that it is beautiful. You have a wonderful talent there Val.
Thanks for taking up the challenge and I'm sure other members will be doing a vid of their winter riding alternatives.

Thanks Guys. It passes the time

Very talented Val. Do you sell them. I'm sure you could do very well if you did.

Yes I do, although the snow ones don't go over here very well

A regular Bob Ross you are. Very nice Valerie

Thanks Allen. But I couldn't talk as soft and pleasant as him to save my life

I'd offer to sell this one to you Ray but the shipping would be outrageous. I sent a small one to Marek and the shipping wa 40 dollars

That's awesome Val! I love how you have a vision in your mind and we get to watch it transform.
I'll bet if I show Trish she would have me pull all stops to get your artwork here.

Go for it but you gotta pay the shipping. If you mean it I will send you a link to where you can see my stuff currently for sale when I get home from work in the morning

That's outstanding ! I whish I could do that. I'm happy I can paint a wall and cut in the door. My talent is I play music.

I think Ross was the way he was from the paint fumes.

Very Well Done Val - A real Talent you have there.... I do like Landscapes - they can capture so much ...
Cheers & Stay WARM !!!

Thanks Val, I'll try and show Trish soon.

Steve I am coming in November Freight free.Val could send me what you pick out and I'll pack it when I come on down.

You have a great talent there Val. Thanks for sharing.

Whow! You should rent a exposition space somewhere so you can sell them! Nice work Val. I also did a lot of painting, but last few years I coukdn’t find my way upstairs to start with new paintingwork... looks very good. It is another way to forget the world around you... not the same as riding a bike but, it also a way to empty your head isn’t it?

Okay Capt, we'll call it paint fumes, lol

Here's a link to what I have at this time. PM me if interested in any. And of course items may change at any time

Yes it is Gert. But then if you ask some of the people who know me they will say my head is never empty. lol

Yes, Valerie, never empty, lol

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