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White Sands New Mexico

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Part of my 1500mi test ride. Bike and Rider finished thgether Smiley-laughing . White sands is 275 sq. mi. of gypsum sand. It is where the first A bomb was tested and is still an active missile range


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That white sand looks like snow. I wouldn't want to be there when it's windy though. How are you feeling now?

NICE ONE VAL ... How is driving on that sand feel slippery? I was on the Bonneville salt flats and that is like driving on ball bearings. Real slippery at speed.

I'm good Bill thanks. I wonder how long I wasn't able to see so good before I really noticed it. LOL
The sand was tricky. Some places very hard packed and others slick as snot. Not somewhere to let your mind wonder.

and how much of it did the bike drag home on it? Strange, miles of nothing and in a weird sense, still miles of nothing. Kind of like eastern Oregon. Miles of just sagebrush and once in a while a cow or two, maybe.

Sorry Val. I'm still singing it.
Wow! what an exciting ride. Looks like it could have been tricky in a couple of places.

Thanks for posting Valerie. Like the sands.Miles of nothing thought you was in Northeast Arkansas, lol

Some Sunshine at last - Riding the 'Nullabor Plain' in Australia is boring - that looked like a walk in the park to me Val Smiley-laughing
That white sand looks like a handful on the road ...... Take Care .. Ride Safe ...

What is the Nullabor Plain

Do a Google Search and check it out - you will see what I mean ... lots of nothing at all - no trees - Null Arbor - It is the great expanse of the southern middle part of australia between the major Capital Cities of Adelaide, South Australia and Perth, Western Australia ...
I rode from Perth W.A. to Adelaide S.A. many years ago and it was 38*C when I left Perth at 8am and by the time I got to Norseman W.A. at sundown (still in the same state) it was 52*C - Very HOT conditions, bike could only manage 50mph because of the excessive heat making the engine oil that thin that any faster the engine started rattling too much .....
The Nullarbor Plain was yet to come - heading east in those temperatures is not something I ever want to do again ... it was one Hell of an Experience that's for sure ....
Next time I will 'Take the Train' and do it easy in air conditioning and a cold beer from the Buffet Car ..... Smiley-laughing
Check out the links Val - You will see what I mean ... ok ....
Cheers & Ride Safe ....

now I can't get the song out of my head, A Horse with No Name by America. If it were me though, I don't think I would let the horse go. It would have to stay with me.

I thinks I will pass on traveling there or through there. I like the green and the mountains.

Geezzzz Frostbite. That's crazy. Way too much of nothing...

Reminds me too much of my wallet, nothing in it no matter how much I look at it.

Great music Val and very unusual scenery. That sand looks a bit dodgy to ride on

In spots it was Dennis

Great video Val... And what a surroundings!!! WOW!!!!!

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