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Why we love motorcycles

Watch on Youtube

Came across this YouTube vid and had to share it. Sums it up for me.



ME TOO.. I have always liked riding sense I was 13. I like working on them and making stuff for them. It is the one ride I have I don't mine washing and waxing. I don't mine a 10 hr ride it's all good for me.

Nice find three!

YUP!! Me too.

I'm so there with you guys

I don't even mind riding with a broken leg. Right Val.. It is one of the few things I can do that keep me sane. Always give me a nice big smile whenever I'm on the bike.

Thats true. Damnedest think I ever saw

Haha.... Well Spratty... now show this vid to your son! Smiley-wink

Straight to Favourites. Great find Spratty.

Gert that would seal it for him. It also doesn't help eveey time I come back from a ride saying thats the best fun you can have

Thanks Dave, that was well said. I only have to live that long now so I can brag about it.

Good Video .... I was hooked at age 13 too ....
Ride Safe ...

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