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Why you ride.

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When someone asks why you ride, have them watch this.



Born rider. The look say's it all.

He's hooked ! I need to hide the fob to mine. The youngest Grandchild Luke KNOWS how to start the Indian.

Spot on Raymond.
Capt. You trained your grandson well.

Luke is only four. If I knew for shure he would safely stay on the back I'd take him for a short ride.

I showed my 20 month old grandson this video, he was excited. He stays his distance from mine at the moment because they are so loud. I once let him push the starter button and he crapped himself. Smiley-laughing

LOL !!

I made a seatbelt attached to my sissybar when my oldest daughter was 4.

I think that could work. I have a detachable pillion back rest that's hefty. His feet should rest on top the bags and stay away from moving parts and anything hot.

Next door neighbor made a harness and would attach his daughter to himself and ride. Must of had an impression.
She is now third year of collage and has her own bike.

That is an AWESOME video! The look on his face is probably how we all really feel when we ride!

Actually, I do the same thing when I start mine.

That is how I feel when riding around... It never seems to go away.

Good onya little bro' - Thanks to the Big guys too ... That Smile just kept going all the way Smiley-laughing
Tremendous !!!
Ride Safe ...

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