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Winging in the Fall of 2018

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A beautiful fall day on October 23rd. I couldn't resist a ride with music blaring. May not get another day like today for a while.


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Great riding weather TG, I notice the leaves are only just started to turn, take advantage and enjoy those final riding days before the cold weather starts to set in. Thanks for the ride.

You are right Dub, the leaves have just started to turn colors here. We had our first frost last night so it won't be long now. Smiley-laughing

That sure beats putting in forms got 20 yards of cement. Glad your having a good fall. Weather that is great for riding. You did have a great ride. Lucky you..

Squeeze in as many as you can while you can I say ... Winter is the pits ...
Cheers & Ride Safe ...

We should be at peak color now. But it been hot late in the season and rain like crazy all summer. I imagine the leaves will disappear over night. one day. I'm enjoying the vid. Got my hand operated on. I'm not going anywhere too soon.

CAPT., I hope that your hand mends quickly. I have another pending project on my Goldwing to pass the time on a non-riding day. As if my Wing doesn't need more lighting, I have a pair of 18 inch LED DRL strips that I will install either inside or outside of the nose fairing.

Thanks Me Too! Day before the operation I rode all over the place nearly running out of gas.
They are going to see you coming down the road. How about a pair of landing lights.

Looks like you were going at a pretty good clip most of the time! Awesome, beautiful back roads...and plenty of sun, too!

Charlie, in that clip, I was only about 6 miles from my house at the farthest point. The speed limit on that little stretch is 45 mph until I turned into the State Park where the speed limit is 20 mph.

You have a great riding setup there TG. Enjoy those comfortable rides while you can, especially in Autumn with the beautiful landscape.
Where have you got your camera mounted?

Terry, my camera is mounted on the lower front right side of my modular helmet. I have two other helmets, one also a modular and the other a full-face with camera mounts on the right side and top of them.

I tried mounts on top and on the left side of two helmets but found that I had to do a lot of video editing due to my head turning all the time checking the scenery, looking in both mirrors etc.
I must try it again and reduce the head movement.

Terry I do the same thing. I am way too busy looking around and the video's look like I'm swinging my head around. I have several other mounting places. I find it easier( quicker) just to mount the camera on my helmets.

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