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Winter in Finland

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This is what we do hole winter! Tongue Out



Used to drive on those conditions back when I lived in South Dakota years ago. One thanksgiving they kicked us out of the dorms at college. Had to drive on a 2 inch thick ice sheet on the road for 6 hours. This guy was skating probably as fast as we could drive.

Way to much winter for me

Well at least you have an alternative Vesa. Can't get booked for speeding. Nice country side, I do like the snow but only to visit.

Joo niin kylla aivan.

Happily, we never have that problem down here!

That is way too cold for me. Lassi is having fun skating seem like..

It’s not cold enough here to to that. That was already some years and winters ago, I think about three we could do that for the last time...

Never happen in Maryland. They go barking mad with the salt over a snow shower.

what is skating ?

Ohhhhhh Peter! That’s so nice to do. You never tried to do it?

No Gert I can’t ice skate, roller skate, roller blade, skate board , surf or ski. I can only ride motorbikes !

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