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This is how Saskatchewan feeds the world,  once a farmboy always a farmboy, nothing runs like a deer

   A total of 249 Combines participated in this event, and they broke the record for number of combines harvesting in the same field which was previously 208. All proceeds are going to Children's Camps International. A great event for a great cause! 

There was a full mile of combines side by side on the East side of the field. There was another full half mile of combines side by side on the West side of the field. They combined approximately 300 acres in about 9 minutes. Now that is farming!

Thanks ernie for the great footage

(not filmed by me) this is a very good link with video and pics



Awsome, never seen anything like it!!!!!!!!!!

I'd hate to get sucked up by one of those things. I might look a little grainy! ha ha! no? I tried!

that's great . wish i was there !! thanks for sharing

Phenomenal. Was that just recently?

Pretty cool!

awesome video...

Great stuff

Now that's what you call "broadacre" farming. Absolutely awesome!!

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