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Just a little video from our first season ride... very nice day, 26!!! degrees... Let's enjoy this moment because next week it's 12 degrees again... Trees are starting to be green, fruit trees are blooming, it's springtime!!!


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Where did the spedo cable break on Jan's bike? Looks like you hd a nice ride. I like the nice fresh new green of spring

It didn’t break Val. Not for as far we could see... He will go to a guy who can fix it...
Yes, Spring, when it starts to be green. I think that’s the most beautiful period of the year!

Good to see you guys out and about in 26*C Temps and everything getting ready to bloom - Great stuff Gert ...
Take Care my friend -
Ride Safe ....

Looks like a great day for a ride. I saw two bikes out here the other day, but there is TOO much gravel and still some ice in places. It's slowly warming up, It's been +9C the last few days.

+9 is nearly summer for you Bill... Let’s hope the roads are clean and safe from gravel very soon so you can go for your first season ride!

That is nice to see Jan Dirk and you riding sure looks nice

26c ? Shit thats a hot day around here man! And you were wearing a neck warmer? I would melt in all that gear.

That’s no neck warmer Todd, that’s just ablittle thing, and very thin to protect my mouth against all little animals flying around....

You ride around with your mouth open? Haha, probably because you finally get to ride this year with your new bike so your grinning so large all the flyers get in. I would be too Gert.....

If I remember correctly this was actually your 2nd ride this year. Your green all over like here. Too bad our green doesn't last through the summer. Was 27C, 80 F today (4/23). Too hot for spring, we should only be around 18 C, 64 F for this time of year.

Never to hot for riding. 75 tomorrow and 85 Wed. This is great weather.

Randy, we enjoyed the few days sun and for us very high temps. Today it is grey and our usual 11 degrees for this time of the year again.... big difference, toe days ago 27 and now 11!!! I’ll never get used to that!!! Holland is a nice country, i mean... lot’s of history and great things to see but the weather is really terrible most of the time...

Great to see you guys riding again.
Great vid Gert.

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