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As an aviator, you would love this short video.




Nice Ultra light. Never wear loafers while up in one or a Benson Gyro-copter. Just sayin' !

Has to be a very cool experience. I'd worry about putting one though the fan.

That is really a great thing. Letting others fly with the birds..

That is absolutely awesome Terry. Thanks for sharing.

INCREDIBLE !!! what a buzz to be up there with them ..... Smiley-laughing
Fly Safe ...

I remember once back in 1982 I rented a little Piper Tomahawk, a 2-seat trainer airplane and while flying near the Texas-Oklahoma border, I noticed a v-formation of seven Canadian geese along side me off my left wing. They were all smoothly sailing in the jet stream and weren't flapping their wings at all. Then as if their leader had called for an 'eyes right'', in unison they all turned their heads to the right to give me a brief stare. Next, in unison again, they turned their beaks straight ahead. Then came the stunning part. To my amazement, these geese again in unison, made just one gentle flap of their wings and casually sailed ahead and away from me. My first thoughts at that time was that the geese are up here poking fun at me. Smiley-laughing That was my last flight in a Tomahawk. Smiley-laughing

That Tomahawk is a nice aircraft. I did a Discover Aviation flight in one about the same time frame as your flight. Once I was given the chance to take the controls of a Cessna 182. The two were like night and day.

Hey that would have been a real Blast ... I think that the Geese were in 'Cruise Mode' maybe ...
Fly & Ride Safe ...

That would have been awesome TG.

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