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Vista Cruise Universal Cruise Control Metric 1 Inch Bars

Fits a Variety of Metric Cruiser Style Motorcycles Equipped With 1 Inch Diameter HandlebarsNote: The Vista Cruise is a basic cruise control device that locks the throttle in a set position. Failure to manually disengage the device in an emergency situation will result in the throttle remaining open to set position and could result in injury death or a nasty crash. The Cruiser Customizing Staff recommends the BrakeAway Cruise Control Device over the Vista Cruise because it will automatically disengage when the front brake is applied and it is the safest most fool proof cruise control device available. See Related ProductsMade from durable Zytel nylon.Easily installs in minutes on most motorcycles without requiring grip removal.Assembly RequiredUNIVERSAL VISTA CRUISEFits most Hondas Kawasakis Suzukis and Yamahas Fits 1 handlebarsHolds throttle at desired speed.Easily installed - requires no grip removal. Relieves arm and wrist strain. Helps economize on fuel. Attractive - Looks like it belongs. Throttle can always be manually operated even with the vista cruise in the on position. Molded from durable glass filled zytel nylon.Manufacturer part number MCUVO1

Vista Cruise
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Average: 4.1 (1850 votes)
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Average: 3.8 (1778 votes)
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Average: 4.1 (1827 votes)
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Product Reviews

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CalebHoefner Kinda cheap

Works for the most part, but doesn't hold that well. I had to keep resetting to keep highway speeds.

2 years ago

Works Great

Have it on my bike for well over 5 years Ive rode to Keywest & sturgis from Illinois & this little thing has been great could not have rode that distance without it  ... more

3 years ago

Works as advertised.

I wanted something to give my throttle hand a break when I'm on long rides.  This does the trick.  Took some finagaling to fit with the Kurayakin ergonomic grips.

3 years ago
SycamoreJack A really useful addition!

As a new rider, I didn't think that having a cruise control was that necessary.  Boy, was I wrong!  Just being able to let loose of the right handle bar to check whether or not the right hard bag... more

3 years ago
edefee Cruise Control

Good product but not great.  Speed slowly drifts down as you ride.

3 years ago
mbemt445 Nice extra!

Added this item more to pass the threshold for the bigger gift card reward. convenient item to add and inexpensive. 

3 years ago

Simple and it works

Works well to rest the throttle hand on a long trip, easy to fit and durable, Just do not over-tighten the studs/screws.
I use it often and never fails. I have had this approx 5 years and 40... more

3 years ago
incasejc good value

Does exactly what I need for a good price

3 years ago

Works Ok.. For a little while

This is on the Roadie I recently bought. Works ok, and gives your hand a break for a few minutes.. But then the throttle slips and you lose speed.

It's ok, but to call it a "cruise... more

3 years ago

Wooks pretty good

This took a little work to fit right and I did but a chrome sleeve to use intead of the supplied plastic one.
It needed to mounted with the thumb lever at the six-o-clock spot to keep things... more

3 years ago